Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Week in the Life - Tuesday

Welcome back!
So yesterday (Monday)I started this week in the life project and though it kind of had a bumpy start, today I started hitting my stride. Things of note, a lot more pictures were taken, not only that but I had some fun playing around with angles, the timer on my camera (which I have never used before!) and different lighting. For my words today I included some observations of our life right now, to distinguish this week from any "normal" week 
All pictures were taken with my Canon Rebel T3i with my 18-55mm lens (I hope to get a wider angle lens eventually) And here we go...

Total pictures taken-73

8 am- After the rush to get kids to the bus on time. Every morning when she wakes up, Kim has to play her cards.

8am - I start cleaning up the after breakfast mess. Sometimes there are dishes leftover from last night, sometimes I'm on the ball the night before and they get done then. I see my initial attempts to making this house our home with decor, The window valance made with new dish towels, the upper cabinet doors removed to see if I really would like open shelves there, the paint chip cards tucked by the walls with colors I'm thinking of to lighten and brighten the space up.

9:30am - After getting Kim off to her day program it's on to laundry. With three adults and three kids living in this house, the laundry is never ending

10am - Second pot of the day going. Morning coffee is essential :) I see the tea bag left over from Kim's morning tea, the fact that we are using whipping cream because that's what we have leftover from our party this past weekend (normally we use half and half)

1pm- Getting dinner prepped, trying to get more organized with dinner earlier in the day

2:40- Cady and Gabe are home. They play so well together most of the time. Had to stop their play for a bit and run to town to get Kim and Erin (which is semi-unusual for a Tuesday as mom usually picks her up but mom is busy today) forgot to take an in the car photo :(

 4:10pm - Nyla's home. She needs some time to herself after her busy day,but also likes to be near us all so this usually means she's sitting on the couch on her iPod. I have to be kind of sneaky getting her picture this week as she's in a "no pictures" phase (what isn't shown is 2 seconds after I took this one she looked up and glared at me and asked me not to take her picture.

4:30pm- I sit down and read for a bit while waiting for dinner to cook (I told Nyla I was just practicing taking pictures of myself with the timer, which is a half-truth)

Gabe has had that tractor since he was one and still plays with it a lot. When I asked if we could pass it on to a younger cousin he said, "not yet mom, maybe next year I'll be too old to play with it."

5pm- dinner is mostly ready, now we are just waiting for Pat to get home and then I'll put the steaks on as they don't take long.

5:40pm- Pat's home! Long long day for him, he left at 5:45am this morning. He's a hardworking man and it shows in that dirty, tired face.

 6:00pm- Time for grace
6:02pm- Dinner time :) Even though this is blurry I still like it as every person is showing and I love when we can all sit down to dinner together. Bonus the kids liked most of the food so not many complaints. We ate steak, roasted beets, fresh carrots, cooked frozen peas and scalloped potatoes with apple upside-down cake for dessert. I enjoy cooking and baking in the fall as the cooler weather calls for a nice warm oven.

 7:15pm- After dinner relaxation. Stella just loves being in the middle of things.

 7:35pm- Fresh bread that I was working on all afternoon came out of the oven

 8pm- Bedtime! I love this angle. This boy is like me and gets hot easily, what's our remedy? Stick your feet out of the blankets :)

 Bedtime essentials include kitty snuggles (Nyla didn't mind this photo taken because it involved her cat, note to self, involve cat in pictures of Nyla) and reading or listening to quiet music to wind down

Miss Cadence has started on the no photo deal too. frustrating....

8;15pm- Our time together. Some nights we watch a show we are both into (currently Ramsey's Best Kitchen) on Netflix. \


Jill said...

Lovely post and these are so nice to look back on through the years and see how things change :-) Have a wonderful week.


Sam said...

Thanks Jill :)


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