Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Week in the Life - Wednesday

Total pictures taken 38
Welcome back, I think this is a new record for me, posting three days in a row! So far it has been good, there have definitely been challenges, both in picture taking and in journaling and recording our week. Today I'm not going to do a lot of writing 

5:15am First pot of the day...

This little kitty comes out to say hi and to convince us to let her outside (we don't as it's still dark and there's been a lot of coyote activity around here lately)

5:30- I start uploading photos and edited my post about the previous day. Last year I started getting up early with Pat both to see him off in the morning and to have a bit of time to enjoy my hot coffee and wake up before the kids do. It's been a challenge as I'm such a night owl, but now finally to the point that i do enjoy it.

6:30am Cadence is up. Probably 75% of the time she is the first kid up, 20% it's Gabe and the remaining 5% Nyla

7am- Time to wake the other two up. Gabe has a hard time leaving his warm cosy bed (those of you who read my blog regularly may notice that he is in the room with orange walls, I will share that change-around soon)

7:05am- Making lunches. Today I make sandwiches with the bread I made yesterday and they get 2 Halloween candies and fruit (pineapple)

7:20am- Breakfast and Kim's up early on her own today


7:45am- walking to the bus

8am Kim and I enjoying the peace and quiet with our tea and coffee and her never ending card game. 

Rainy yucky wet morning good day for laundry and computer work.

noon- Charlotte and Leah (my sister and niece) come over for a walk

1:30pm I take photos of and post some stuff to sell.

2:40pm- Cady and Gabe are home, they show Leah how the tractor works :)

And that was it for photos for the day, kind of forgot about my cameras for the evening :)

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