Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A 9 year old girls room that isn't pink!

   Since Cadence and I finally went through her room and organized and discarded a bunch of stuff she's grown out of and we can now walk into her room without fear of stepping on some small painful item IE barbie shoes or playmobil animals, I figured it was high time I shared all the work we have accomplished in her room so far. The last time I shared her space, it was just after I painted both girls rooms and there was a considerable amount of stuff everywhere (my little girl is a bit of a hoarder :s) Hence the picture only shows the top half of her room ;)

  But let's not dwell shall we? Moving on, here's Cady's room now:

Bright and colourful you say? It sure is! That's because our Cady is a bright and colorful girl! Remember a couple years ago when we had a Rainbow themed birthday party?  Well I kind of expanded on that for her room and she loves it :) My mom gave her that wall quilt which ties into the room colors and theme perfectly (it used to grace the walls in my childhood home, I think in my brothers room) Her room is definitely an eclectic mix of new, colourful and vintage. For example her "desk" is this old secretary from my dads side of the family (pictured below), the vintage quilt mentioned above, the new curtains I made for her room and the fun funky colourful fabrics (which are all from Ikea, now that I think about it!) 

You may also notice the plethora of animals scattered everywhere? This girl is an animal lover for sure! All different ones, but her current fave are HORSES!

These two pics are under her bed. I was trying really hard to figure out how to utilize this space in the best way possible. Her bed is a loft bed but kind of a half loft as one can't really stand under it unless you are about 5 and under. So we decided to make it a kind of reading/puzzle nook. I got some short shelves that would fit under the bed and we were able to cram nicely place a ton of books and things under here. The green box and pink bins in the picture above are full of her barbie stuff :) When she grows out of barbies (which will be soon I fear! Not the barbies, but the growing up!) we're thinking of putting a nice comfy loungey chair or bean bag chair to hang out down there more comfortably.

So there we go, a colorful little girl is thrilled to have a room of her own (first time ever!) A mom who is glad there aren't any barbie shoes to step on in the dark, and though we aren't completely done with this room (still need to get some proper flooring as well as some extra storage and a couple little decor ideas) we are a heck of a long way from where we began six months ago which looked a little like this

Much better don't ya think?

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