Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tween Room Mini-update

     Way back in November I showed you what colors I painted my girls rooms and mentioned that we wanted to do something on those newly painted, bare walls, either a frame collage or banner or something fun like that. I knew Nyla would be getting a few posters for her room for Christmas, so I put off doing any hanging of stuff on those walls until after that big day. So, that's what we did! A few days after all the Christmas hoopla settled down we got down to business and hung some art. 
Some things you may notice, this girl is obsessed with cats! Also, that thing dangling from her ceiling is a dream catcher with a small stuffed animal attached to it :)


The two posters she got for Christmas are the big one that says C is for cat, and the small one on the right with the black and tortoiseshell cats on it( we have a black cat and a tortoiseshell so it is a sort of ode to the kitties). I was so pumped to find that one on the left (I found both of them at All Posters.com) because not only does it depict her favorite kind of cat, it had the perfect color combo for her room!

Looking back to November, this is what it looked like just after I painted, 

And way back when we moved in, here's what we started with :)

Its looking slightly better, wouldn't you say?  :)

    Besides her cat posters there are some photos of her when she was a baby and toddler (the one in the center is a photo I took of her when she was about a month old and I was trying an Anne Geddes type of baby picture (remember this was 11 years ago, before baby photographers had tons of cute props etc and we didn't have the budget to do a full baby session anyways). There is favorite painting Nyla did herself a couple years ago (the jumping orca whale) and a snowflake decoration she made at school. The Dr. Seuss print is something her godfather gave her when she was little and there's a picture of her cousins who live far away and we don't see as often as we would like.
     All in all Nyla is really pleased with how it has turned out so far, but we both agree that it does need a few more things to fill it out and make it a good representation of who she is. There are a few more projects in her room that I'm hoping to tackle in the next month or two as this is only one wall and there are of course three other ones dying for some personality.
     This week I hope to tackle another room that is dying for some fresh paint and I've also been working on a few things in Cady's room that I hope to share with you soon. I'm having a blast though, working on projects and ideas Ive been pinning like crazy this last year and its definitely been a bonus of moving in the fall (as opposed to spring when I hope to be outside in the garden the majority of the time!)
Some things still on my list to do or buy include;
* find and install a fun light fixture
*install some display shelves over her book shelves
*get and install a hanging rod and shelf for the closet
*buy some bamboo blinds for her window
*eventually install proper flooring (right now there is painted subfloor covered with an area rug

I hope you enjoyed this mini-update of our tween room and have a great rest of your week!

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