Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Little Getaway

         First of all I want to apologise again for another impromptu blogging hiatus, life has been BUSY! Of course it's that time of year, end of school, field trips galore, lots of house hunting etc etc etc. But, one thing hubby and I have been lucky to do this past week, was enjoy an (almost) week long getaway. On the 15th Pat and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary and it just so happened that last week was a B.C Fire Training Officers Association Conference in Penticton B.C. So, as my hubby is the training officer for his department, we got to go :) And it was fabulous! Although hubby was busy every day with training courses, I had a lovely time just soaking up the peace and quiet (we left the kids at home in the capable hands of their Gramma Sue during the week and Gramma Dusty for the weekend) and got to go on a lovely wine tour of the Naramata Bench with some very nice ladies and a couple handsome guys to drive us around. Tomorrow I will share with you a more in depth tour of some of the wineries we visited, so stay tuned!

We were pretty surprised when we opened our room and saw this loveliness, king size bed, fireplace, jacuzzi tub, it was fantastic! (sorry, bad lighting + iPhone = grainy photo)

At the far end of the room was some french doors that led out to a private patio and a central courtyard with a heated pool, hot tub, kid's playground, and pub.

 I should probably mention that my hubby and I haven't gone away together for more than one night since before our kids were born, and that's 10 1/2 years ago people! Even though Pat had his courses, we still got a bit of time to spend together, we went to see Ironman 3D (the closest theatre to where we live is an hour away so this was a real treat to go to a movie in a movie theatre!) As my first official 3D movie experience, it was an awesome movie to see! And even just having time to talk without a million interruptions  was heavenly  (I'm sure many of you parents out there can relate!)   :)
 Tomorrow I'm planning to share my photos and experiences of the winery tour I went on and later this week  some Farmers Market yumminess, so stay tuned!

Happy Monday and have a great week!

P.S. Anyone looking for more information about the hotel we stayed at can check out their website HERE

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