Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Little Getaway Part 2 {The Wineries}

    As I mentioned yesterday, one of the days we were away, I got to go on a wine tour of the Naramata Bench, and I have to say, it was fabulous! Now, I am by no means a wine connoisseur, but I sure had fun anyways :) I went with a bunch of other wives from the firefighter training weekend and I didn't know anyone else there, but it was nice and I got to meet new people, try new things, see new places. I also had a blast taking pictures (both with my iPhone and my good camera) of everything, so if you feel up to it, scroll down as I give a little picture tour of some of the wineries we visited. In all, we visited eight out of the twenty-four listed on the Naramata Bench Winery website and one other that is not which is called Ruby Blues. We visited La Frenz,  D'Angelo EstateHillside Winery and BistroLaughing Stock VineyardsBlack Widow WineryLake BreezeElephant Island, and finally 3 Mile Estate. Whew! That's a lot of wine! And a lot of grapevines! Go grab a cup o'coffee or tea (or maybe even wine!) and get ready for some eye candy   :)

The first one we went to was La Frenz and this is the entrance to the tasting room (I knew from this point on it was going to be a good day ;) Rustic pergola, wine barrels and acres of grapevines...

This is the view from inside the tasting room. Wish we had more time and the weather was nicer (it was overcast) I would've loved to sit on that patio and drank wine and soaked in the view. It was gorgeous! In fact, little did I know at the time, but the day would be filled with beautiful views. :)

The next winery we went to was called Ruby Blues "where the tasting fee is a smile" :) And I was definitely smiling at all the funky decor and artwork all around the tasting room, like this cow painting,

and this fantastic chandelier! (I also love the sheep painting in the background :)

and these original sculptures outside.
Ruby Blues was definitely one of the funkiest wineries we saw and I just loved all the colour and fun. If you are interested in any of the art just check out the Ruby Blues website HERE where you can check out the gallery and the artists info.

Somehow I missed taking pictures at the D'Angelo Estate Winery, but you can check it out HERE.
Next, it was on to Hillside Winery and Bistro where we actually had lunch. And let me tell you, the food was AMAZING! The eye candy was pretty amazing too :) 

The picture below was taken from the tower in the picture above.

And what did we spy? Cute little baby grape clusters!

After lunch we checked out Laughing Stock, where again I forgot to take photos :(  Afterwards we went to the Black Widow Winery and I really liked their tasting room as you could see some of the inner workings of the winery including the big vats and barrels (some of you might have seen this pic on my instagram sidebar :)

Moving on we came to Lake Breeze,

It had some of the most beautiful buildings and landscaping (at least in my humble opinion :)

And then we came to Elephant Island Orchard Winery which is actually all fruit wines and let me tell you, the Framboise is to die for!

 Funky tasting barn :)

And last but not least was the 3 Mile Estate Winery. Inside the amazing carved doors of this winery there is another fabulous art gallery and again check out their website HERE to see more and find out more about the artist.

So, what did I come home with? Three bottles of wine (I could have bought so many more if I had more moola, there were so many yummy wines) and some art cards from 3 Mile cause the artwork is so funky :)

So, there you go. My little picture tour of only part of the Naramata Bench Wineries. If you made it this far, I commend you, way to stick it out!  ;) I had such a fabulous time and I urge you if you ever get a chance to take a wine tour, do it!  I also wanted to mention that although I tasted most of the wines available to taste at every winery (we had a couple nice young men drive us around)  I don't feel I have enough experience or the "refined palate" for giving my opinions of the actual wines (to me just about all of them tasted yummy ;)

Have a great Tuesday! And stay tuned later this week I'll share what I got at the Farmer's Market and more eye candy from there!

Disclaimer: Kozy Kabin has not been "paid or perked" by any of the companies stated in this post, all opinions are completely my own. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below and I will answer them there (you never know, someone else might have the same question)

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