Friday, June 7, 2013

Penticton Farmers Market

Good morning to you! So I've been sharing a lot about my hubby and I's little vacation last week, and today I'm sharing a bunch of photos of my Saturday morning at the Penticton Farmers Market. Let me tell you, I was impressed! It was awesome! So colorful and fun, lots and lots of vendors of all sorts of things like scarves,

Funky clocks, (I was so tempted to get that firetruck for Gabe!)


Household cleaning products,

of course there was lots of jewellery,




Music :)

miscellaneous one of a kind objects :)

I loved this booth! Such cute handmade, refurbished stuff and I loved all the turquoise.

Now I wish I'd picked up a fedora! (come back next week and find out what I DID pick up)

Really beautiful pottery

and fun fluffy pink stuff!

So, if you are in the Penticton B.C. area on a Saturday morning, I would highly recommend checking it out. There were also tons of farm vendors with all sorts of plants and food available, I just got there late and most of those were packed up/ done for the day, so if you're going for food, get there early!

Have a great weekend!

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