Friday, November 23, 2012

Shhh don't tell my kids.....

OK, I mentioned here that I'd share some of the things my kids may be getting under the tree this year :) Starting with Mr. Gabe, he is a Lego fanatic like his dad, as well as loving anything to do with firefighting, so this just might make an appearance under the tree,

                                            LEGO® City Fire - Fire Station

I also hope he finds something like this under there too. We have come across these things a few times and every time Gabe plays with them, it keeps him quietly entertained for a good long while :)

One other idea Santa might take note of is this,

Good thing Santa's elves are making all those toys up there cause that one is pricey! (I've seen similar ones locally for a lot cheaper) I've also seen them in plastic before but I must say I really like the wooden ones better, they look nicer and I think a bit easier to put together, AND harder to break :)

On to the girls, for Cadence who loves Barbies etc I thought this doll would be a nice surprise to find. These look a little "American Girl" dollish but they have a neat message and story that goes with each doll, this one is named Consuelo and she's from Mexico :) 

Hearts for Hearts Girls ™

Since she's been asking for it for a long time, I hope someone from the North Pole brings her this...

Click on the image please, in order to see the content of this item.
My girls are obsessed with all the little tiny animals available with Playmobil, (the tiny cats, guinea pigs, squirrels and all the babies from the zoo are their favorite of course) so Cady has been wanting these cute little meerkats to go with the theme :) Another Playmobil item on her list is this,

Click on the image please, in order to see the content of this item.
Sigh, a girl after my own heart :) this is exactly what I would have wanted as a kid. I just love all the detail that goes into those things, look at the solar panels on the roof ! lol  so cute!

And then there's Nyla, our girl who loves rocks and gems and wants to be a geologist and a writer when she grows up :) I think she would be pretty thrilled to find something like this,

Product Details
under the tree. For those of you who don't know what that thing is (don't worry I didn't either!) it is a rock tumbler or rock polisher. Nyla is constantly collecting rocks so I think this will really thrill her. I think a book along these lines would be appropriate as well :)

Our girl is also an avid cat lover and has been wanting her own pet for a very long time (especially after we lost our beloved kitty Kahlua a couple summers ago) so maybe, just maybe she might find something a little like this...


Well, there you go some ideas for you, maybe you have a rock collector in your family? or a Lego, firetruck obsessed 5 yr old boy? or a Playmobil fanatic? Hope this list serves you well and again, check out this post for more great gift ideas :)
Hope you all have a great weekend, that you don't burn up your credit card this Black Friday and I will see you next week where I'll have some more Christmassy things to share!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or perked by any of the companies shown here (except amazon of which I am an affiliate) all opinions expressed are mine own.

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