Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas gift ideas for kids

      OK! Are you all ready for Christmas yet?! No? Well get with the program!  Just kidding :)  I am certainly not ready for Christmas, but I have been starting to get organized and accumulating some things in preparation of that big day.  As I was thinking of that I thought maybe I would share with you some of our best gift ideas from years past. Just to warn you, there are a lot of pictures :) Oh and I will try and provide links to amazon or Toys r us but also know that I fully support our local toy stores and buy a lot of things from them but the links will give you an idea of price :)

     This is a picture from two years ago, and though it doesn't look like from the expression on his face, this was one of Gabe's favorite trucks ever! (still is to this day and he still plays with it all the time )

Next we have some toys that all three of our kids love and play with lots.
Wooden blocks, 

These funny looking things are called Zoobs, I had never heard of them till last year when I was checking out a post over on Clover Lane and I thought they looked neat. Apparently the kids think so too cause this is another "building toy" they play with a lot.

I don't think I paid as much as they have it listed for but honestly I can't remember :)

We have a WII and though it mostly only gets played with in the winter, there are definitely some favorite games, these are probably the top three kids choices

Next up is one of my personal favorites, Playmobil!!

We have the school, the zoo, the Asian animal add on,  the pony farm and a whole bunch of smaller sets. Playmobil is expensive, I find, but I think it is a worthwhile investment as I remember playing with it a lot when I was a kid (we didn't have any but our neighbours had lots!) and our kids play with it alllllll the time.

Another worthwhile investment? LEGO of course! Actually about 98% of our Lego is Pat's (my hubby) from when he was a kid. Thankfully his parents kept it for him to pass down to his kids (well sometimes he has a hard time sharing :) See what I mean about investment though, some of this is about 25 years old! That green garbage truck is new though (bottom right hand corner) Gabe got that for his birthday last month.

On to books! We have a ton of books so I will just share a few current favorites otherwise this post could go on for days :)

Cady's current favorites are Geronimo and/or Thea Stilton books. She is 7 1/2 and she can read these pretty well, she also likes them cause they are like a novel (like her big sister reads!) but they still have some pictures.

And then there's my little reader, miss Nyla :)

Her favorites for the last year or so have been the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Nyla is ten and is a voracious reader :) (sorry about the terrible picture it was done with my phone in her bedroom in the basement )

She also likes activity sort of books like this one by Klutz. Nyla loves to write, so having fun with lettering is right up her alley :)

And last but not least is our little Gabe. He is five and he enjoys reading if someone else is reading to him (this picture is really unusual :)

He loves anything to do with trucks, especially fire trucks, anything with moving parts and anything silly (which Robert Munsch is famous for :)

Well that's enough for today I think :) Next week I'll be sharing some things I think might end up under our tree this year
Have a great weekend ( a long one for my fellow Canadians out there)

Has anyone else started their Christmas shopping? Or am I the only crazy one? I know you are out there some of you who start shopping in July! 

Just so you know,I am affiliated with amazon but not Toys r us or Playmobil and haven't been paid or perked for this post. 

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