Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bright and Colourful Birthday Party

Just to warn you, this post has a ton of pictures!

 Lately things have been looking a little dull and colourless around here, typical end of winter/beginning of spring...

So, for Cady's birthday party we decided to add a little colour to our life and have a rainbow themed party! As this theme seems like all the rage in blog and pinterest world I had a ton of inspiration to to choose from :)

But first, about my girl, she had a few little girl friends over, her big sister and....

her (extremely goofy) little brother there for her "guests"  :)

They all played together, then beaded some necklaces and Cady opened her prezzies.

 The kids and I did some appropriate decorating for the big day including a balloon rainbow...

some colourful party hats and banner...

and I found this cute rainbow decoration at the local dollar store that I added to the ambiance :)

Cady had seen pictures of her cousins' birthday cake recently and had decided she wanted the same kind :)  His birthday was on Valentines Day so he had a heart shaped cake but it was pretty easy to accomodate our own theme to this style of cake. I guess it is called an "icebox cake" (thanks Sherry!) and was really easy to make. I'll post another day with more detail about the cake cause I was pretty proud of my idea and I just have to share :)

I tried to make vanilla sprinkle icecream as the clouds, but it didn't quite work as planned (thank goodness it still tasted yummy!)

I tried to get a good picture of the layers, but that was really challenging to say the least!

Some other goodies included rainbow sugar cookies that Nyla made...

rainbow fruit kebabs with french vanilla yogurt to dip (forgot to take a before pic as you can see and had to scramble to take one before they were all gone!)...

 and a rainbow veggie platter. We also had homemade pizza, but that wasn't as pretty so I didn't take a picture :)

I noticed when I was searching for goody bag stuff, that as soon as you start looking around, there is a ton of rainbow themed stuff out there! We settled on a cute little pack of mini markers, "mystery" gum, Lifesavers, mini packs of modelling clay, mini notebooks and of course rainbow stickers :)

I had my kids help make the tags for the goody bags and Cady wrote the names on them, then we stapled them to plain paper lunch bags (easily recyclable) and called them done. When I looked at the pictures after, I wished I had added some colourful ribbon or something, but what can you do?

 Needless to say, at the end of the 2 1/2 hour party, my kitchen (and a lot of the rest of the house) looked like this...

But it was all worth it for my sweet 7 year old :)

(not my most flattering picture, but what can you do when you take your own picture :) and I still love it for the sweet smile on my girls face :)

Hope you all have a colourful day! And I promise to be back soon with more cake details :)

You can check out more details on the cake HERE !

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