Monday, March 26, 2012

I made baguettes!

And a whole bunch of other yummy stuff!!

It feels so good to make homemade food for my family. This should last us all week for lunches and a few suppers :)

From the bottom left corner around clockwise we have:
Sausage and lentil soup, Hamburger soup, Sour cream coffee cake, two loaves of 100% Whole wheat bread, baguettes, gingersnap cookies, and raspberry cream muffins.

 Did you have a good weekend? We certainly did! It's finally spring around here and  the snow is almost gone! Yay!


Charlotte said...

can you come over and make that for me?

Sam said...

ha ha! Actually funny you should say that cause I had the thought of making some stuff to send your way :) Now, don't get too excited as now it's the question of whether or not I'll get it done. I'm great for ideas, working on my follow through :)


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