Friday, February 3, 2012

My Man's Birthday

Well it was yesterday actually :) My hubby, Pat, turned 31 yesterday. We had a pretty quiet, normal,Thursday. Work, school, gymnastics, etc. the only difference was I took last night off work (I usually work Tuesday and Thursday nights) and made one of his favorite meals (tortellini with alfredo sauce and salad). Gabe and I made a cake yesterday, banana split cake with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Yum!

And here's the birthday boy,

He is such a great dad :)

And a lovely husband :)

He is a great friend and loves to do so many different things.

He is wonderful with puzzles (both physical and mental) and he is a fountain of useless information (right Sherry?!) which makes him deadly in a game of Trivial Pursuit! He is goofy, friendly, funny, sincere, honest and the love of my life :)

Happy Birthday hon, and just remember....................... you are only half way to 62 !

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