Friday, February 24, 2012

An Inside Day

Since today it was looking like this.....

outside, I decided to stay in and work on something I've been wanting to work on for awhile now. By the way, the picture above does not do justice to the sheer volume of snow coming down, it is almost a white out. We had hardly any snow left before this morning, I took this picture at around noon and now there is about six inches of new snow!

Anyways, awhile ago I mentioned I had a plan for the Big Envelopes I ordered with my project life stuff (you can check out that post here) well today I decided to work on my kids' "School of Life" albums (well mostly just Nyla's as Cady is only in grade 1 and Gabe isn't in school yet :)
I believe it was in spring 2010 when I took the Library of Memories online course with Stacy Julian (check out more about that here) among many of her many ideas was one that really resonated with me about organizing and keeping track of all things school related which she called School of Life. So since doing that course I have been pretty good at organizing the kids school stuff in a little file holder on my desk. Each child has a file for each grade (since my kids are young I just started with what I had which was this little cheapo file folder from Wallyworld, not pretty but it works)

This is my desk while I was hard at work. Notice I've got my important stuff always out, my school of life folder on the right (to easily drop school stuff right in) and my project life stuff in the middle :) Necessities people, necessities :)

Here is a picture of the title page of Nyla's book, I kinda scraplifted the idea from SJ :)

And here is one of the Big envelopes ( I bet you wondered when I was going to get to that) LOVE THEM! They have that great pocket on the front with a card to label and personalize, which I did with some stamps I had on hand and a little flower. Inside are things like report cards, special art projects, certificates from school and sports etc etc. Like I say love them. So nice to have it all organized and pretty and easy to access (now if only my basement was that easy to organise and make pretty, which is my next project)

What did I do with school pictures you ask? Well, you are just going to have to tune in next week and find out :)

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