Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Summer Day

Last Monday we had a wonderful time at one of our local beaches (I love living so close to a lake!)
I have to say that it was quite the hike to get down there, but it was sure breathtaking once we got there! It was so lovely and we were so lucky to be the only ones there, that is the five of us and my brother.

Sorry about the date stamp on these pics, I think Cady accidentally turned it on when she was taking a few pics the other day :)  Uncle Matt taught them the perfect way to enter a freezing cold lake (although it's nice and refreshing once you're in there)

Just run in and take the plunge!

We also did some fishing. This little guy is getting so good at casting! But, don't worry, there's no hook attached there's just a bobber and a little bit of weight :) He sure loves practicing his casting though.

 And Cady did some fishing of her own, while Stella watches patiently :)

Daddy even caught one! (actually he and my brother caught a few before the kids and I got there) and since the hook was so deeply embedded and the fish was just big enough, we kept it and roasted over an open fire, so yummy!

Nyla was being her typical self and thought the whole ordeal of gutting it etc was disgusting. She wouldn't even go near it, but miss Cady was so interested in it and carried the meat like it was her pet :) She was so excited when she finally let go of it and saw that the fish left some "sparkles" on her hands :)

  So we had some hot dogs and some fresh fish and some regular potato chips and some cucumbers for our supper, delicious!

I think these goof balls had a wonderful day!

Oh, and these goof balls as well :)

I'm looking forward to this weekend as we're planning to go to one of my favorite places to hopefully do some boating and some hiking and some more beach fun. Hope your summer is going as wonderfully as ours has. Have you caught any fish lately and eaten them fresh? How about jumping into an icy cold lake?

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