Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finding Photo Freedom

I am so excited for June 2nd! Why, You ask? Because that is the first day of the online class I just signed up for called Finding Photo Freedom. It was written and made by a woman named Stacy Julian and I just love her! I actually took her class last year when it was called Library of Memories and I was so happy I did because it totally changed the way I scrapbook and also how often. This past year I've done the most scrapbooking I've ever done and I credit it to taking Stacy's class. I love how organized my pictures have been since then and I can't wait to see how Stacy changed things up a bit for this years class. If you are curious about Stacy or her class, you can check her out by clicking on her blog link on the right under"My Blog List" or, for her class, click on the button on the right "Finding Photo Freedom".
Now I'm off to check out what I have to do for pre-class work, should be fun!

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