Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ordinary days

Our kids have been really into helping out in the kitchen lately,which is wonderful most of the time (a pain in the butt when I just wanna get something done fast!) Last night they were super meatball makers :)

Cadence especially has become an excellent breakfast chef, which works great as she's usually the first one up besides me. This girl can make some mean scrambled eggs :)

Yesterday, Cady and Gabe convinced me to bring the cats with us when we went to pick up Nyla from the bus stop (still don't know how they did that!) Here's me and Midnight patiently awaiting the bus :) Don't mind the extreme close up of my face, ack!

On the weekend we helped a few friends move, and one of the couples who were moving had to cross a ferry to get to their new place. We had a blast taking the kids on it especially on this gorgeous sunny day.

And as my dear hubby knows a few of the people who work on the ferry, he asked if the kids could go up to the bridge? wheelhouse? control room? whatever you call it where they drive and control the ferry from :) The kids and I certainly found it interesting.

Last week I took the kids to one of our provincial parks near by and checked out the visitors centre there. It was pretty interesting, especially this room down a hall called the Kids Discovery room. The kids had a blast doing massive puzzles, checking out cool bones and sculls and antlers from various local wildlife, doing a puppet show and reading some really interesting facts about it all.

    Gabe did this big salmon puzzle.

while the girls checked out a bunch of paw and hoof prints

We also had fun checking out all the salmon in the spawning channel.

And since all the beautiful red and green colored salmon are ready to spawn, that is a sure sign that autumn is near.

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