Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guess who's back, back again....

Sam is back, tell your friends....

Yes, I'm a dork, what can I say?
   Just dropping in today to share some more summer fun pics. We were away last week on holidays so I took a blogging break and enjoyed some family time. I'm finding I take most of my pictures with my phone as it is light and easy to carry, do you find that so in the summer? 
      We've been picking tons of raspberries! My moms place has a huge raspberry patch and the kids especially love to pick them. I think they've picked a couple ice cream buckets full.

I've been trying to help my mom in her garden as we don't have one yet and she is so generous in sharing the produce grown fresh in here.


 You might have seen this pic on my instagram feed. I went for a solo paddle in the kayak we borrowed from my mom and it was fantastic! So enjoyed my peaceful time on the lake and it was a gorgeous day too!

When kayaking I saw this mama duck and her two ducklings (the other duckling isn't pictured here)

Eating yummy healthy food! Eggs with smoked salmon and fruit :)

Gabe is pretty proud of his mad biking skillz, he was so proud that he could stand and pedal!

And of course what hot summer holiday would be complete without a walk to the ice cream shop?!   :)

    So, there you go, a little rundown of life around here lately. I can't believe it's August 1st and the kids summer holidays are half over already!!
   Next week we have a bunch of family visiting, so I'm gonna be busy busy visiting with them, so looking forward to it!

  How about you? Staying around home this summer? Travelling?


Momto4redheads said...

Your summer is looking a lot like ours! Four kids is a lot to keep occupied and I swear there are more hours in the day during summer than during school lol!!! Love that you keep a blog! Think of you all the time and hope that our paths will cross again one day. XOX

Sam said...

I agree! I love that they're so independent at these ages, but they're also so busy and wanting to be busy all the time. Today it is raining and stormy, so we're trying some fun indoor crafts and stuff. I think of you too, and I agree we have to make our paths cross some day! :)


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