Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are we done yet?

I had a post all set to go for today and then I saw this post by Jen and I HAD to share it with all you other mom's out there whose kids don't finish school till the end of June. It is hilarious!! It so perfectly describes how I (and I'm sure many of you other moms with school aged children)have been feeling the last week or so. I'm so done with making school lunches, the kids are ready for freedom (they keep asking to have "sleepovers" in each other's rooms) I tell you I was exhausted by 8 this morning (could have something to do with the fact that my eldest left for a four day school trip this morning!)

So check it out it will hopefully bring a smile to your day! Oh and by the way, the blog post got so much attention, Jen was on the Today show!

Check her blog post titled "Worst end of school year mom ever!"

You can check out the Today show with Jen HERE

Now, I'm off to deliver lunches that never made it into the backpacks this am :)
Solidarity, moms, solidarity!
Have a great week ;)

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