Friday, December 21, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.......

Soon the bells will start..... sigh I love Christmas carols don't you? 
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Ahem,  and we're back to our irregularly scheduled program.  I'm finally going to share with you our Christmassy house, although I'm still tweaking and refining a few things. If you are curious what our house looked like last year, you can check that out here.
When you first walk into our house this is the little vignette that welcomes you, 

A lot of our decorations have special meaning to us and they definitely come out every year. The Santa and the little house may be too kitschy for some, but they are special as they bring back sweet memories of family, some of whom we've lost and some who are still around. I think it's important for all of us, especially our kids, to feel a connection to family and traditions especially this time of year and part of that is putting up a lot of the same decorations every year instead of following trends or current color schemes. ( I realize in some circumstances, that isn't possible if you've lost a house and everything to a fire or a natural disaster of some sort, but that makes it feel even more special and lucky to me that we can do this. We are truly blessed) My kids always look forward to bringing Santa and the "doll house" out of storage (Santa was given to us by my husbands sweet Grandma just before she passed away and the house was given to us by my mom, who is still around, on one of our first Christmases when Nyla was 2)

And then there are some decorations that are just for fun, like the above "reindeer" ( I think they're actually supposed to be rams) from Ikea.

This is the inside of that little house of course. It is so cute, it plays "Santa Claus is coming to town" It also has some moving parts and the lights actually work.

Then there is one of my favorites, our little Christmas village. It is hanging out in the kitchen on the counter that faces the dining room.

Of course we have our tree! This is by far the tallest tree we've ever had (though not the fattest lol) thanks to the 30 foot ceilings in our current living room! This baby is about 12 feet tall and we found it in our "backyard". We got it last weekend and when we finished all the decorating (the lights and the ornaments) I realized we totally forgot to add our bead garland, oops! Maybe we'll try and fix that this weekend. One of these years I would love to make a garland. I had totally meant to do that this year, but alas time got away from me again. One of these days I will share with you why I've been so busy and not posting on this ol' blog very much :)

Look who came back this year, Snoodles! He is our sweet Elf on the Shelf :)

He is sitting on a candle and some pretty ornaments given to us by my husbands other sweet Grandma :)

One of my favorite decorations this year is this sweet wreath our Cady made :) I love it so much and it gets pride of place in the kitchen where I can gaze at it a lot of the time...

More Santa and reindeer :)

The three pictures above are in the kitchen above the sink in the kitchen so I can enjoy some Christmas cheer during the drudgery of doing dishes :)

Thank you for stopping by my little blog and for those of you who still come by regularly, thanks for putting up with the sporadic nature of this blog the last month or so :) I have so much to share and so little time to do it, if only we didn't have to sleep, eat, etc!

Have a wonderful weekend! We plan to spend time with relatives and maybe do some last minute cookie baking.

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