Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Goodness

So, are you all candied out yet? Well we had a great time last night and on the weekend. I'll warn you this post has a lot of pictures because I finally got a computer that would let me upload my pictures, Yay! For the last month or so, I haven't been able to get any pictures uploaded so that really cramped my blogging style, so sorry if you've been wondering where I am and thanks to those who stuck by here.
Now, on to the fun stuff!
On Saturday, the kids got to turn their pumpkins in to Jack o'lanterns ( with a bit of help from mom and dad) They drew their designs on the pumpkins and we helped them cut :) They had a great time pulling all the gooey guts out!

Nyla helping Cady with her massive pumpkin!

Daddy, Gabe and Cady working on Gabe's big monster.

Sometimes it worked better to dump the seeds out, it's helpful to have a strong daddy around to lift those big pumpkins! :)

Ewy Gooey!!
They looked really great in the dark with their candles lit :)

Look at that spooky grin eh? The top one is Gabe's and the big one in the bottom pic is Cady's, and the little one is Nyla's of course.

Here's the  front of our house last night,

And then we were off trick or treating! We went to the local bakery cause we heard they were giving fun stuff out, and when we arrived, we found out that they had made some really cool spooky cakes, which they were giving away a piece of (chocolate, yum!!) They were soooo cool!
There was a haunted mansion,

and a spooky graveyard. Cool eh?

Some people went all out with their decorations, there was one house in particular that the whole entrance of the place was a spooky scene complete with this guy,

and this guy!

My little kitty cat, Nyla :)

We met up with some good friends for a bit and the kids got to hang out and have some fun together. But, they were nearly finished and we had just begun, so we parted ways and continued on.

How cute are they?

And Gabe our little logger :)

I realized this morning, that I didn't get any pictures of Cady's costume (she barely stood still for two seconds all of yesterday!) so I will have to remedy that somehow, she was a fairy :)
I'll be back lots this week with lots of fall pictures to catch up on!

Well, how was your Halloween? Did you see any really cool decorations? Get lots of candy? Visit any local businesses and get something special?

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