Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun, Fantastic Fall!

Are you amazed that I'm actually back again this week? I am! So far no more computer problems, yay! So today I'm going to do a little wrap up of our fall, pretty appropriate since today we had our first snowfall! And apparently I like exclamation marks today.
Moving on....
The girls had the last few of their soccer games and received a medal for their efforts (all the kids got one). They were pretty excited, especially Cady :)

Of course little brother had to get in on the picture taking action too...

They are all so cute :)
Fall also brings lots of gardening chores, so the kids helped by collecting snails. Snails kind of give me the heeby jeebys, but for some reason, my kids love them!

I love Gabe's expression in the next one :)

My kids have been getting their hands on my camera a lot lately and sometimes it's quite interesting to see what they come up with. I nearly peed myself laughing so hard at the next picture, so I knew I had to share it with you! Poor Stella...

We have the best dog, she has so much patience with the kids :)
Nyla and Cadence did some cross country running with their school and both enjoyed it ( unfortunately, it was usually on a day that Cady had both school and 2hrs of gymnastics so she tried it once but was too tired) Here's Nyla at the regional meet, she did fairly well, 15th (I think) out of 25.

What would fall be without a visit to a pumpkin patch? We were generously invited to some family friends' house to pick some pumpkins out of their patch, and the kids had a grand time. Gabe, of course, picked the biggest, Nyla the smallest and Cady, almost as big as Gabe's )

Nyla named hers Seedy :)

The kids also helped Laura pick some monster carrots. These things were huge! I've never seen carrots so big and fat (and tasty too!)

As you can see it was a gorgeous day, weather wise, and we all had a lovely time. Oh, what were Pat and I doing? Why sitting around the bonfire of course! Thank you so much Laura for the wonderful day!

And last but not least, what would fall be without a pumpkin pie? Cady and I had a great time making one together for Thanksgiving. It was delicious!

Oh and no pumpkin patch pumpkins were harmed in the making of the pie , I used canned for that, but we did use them for something more fun, our Jack O'Lanterns! You can check them out in the last post I wrote :) Hope you had a wonderful fall,
now on to winter....

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