Friday, April 29, 2011

@#$%^$%&^ internet service!

Whew! Got that out of my system! I have to apologise for not writing on here for nearly a month. I cannot believe it has been that long already! We've been having problems again with our Internet and it has really affected the amount of blogging I've been wanting to do. That and this month seemed really fast and busy :)

To sum up our month, we had my dads birthday, my birthday (30th!! yikes), Easter and a memorial for my uncle who passed away in January on the same weekend, soccer started for Nyla, getting the garden ready, finishing our kitchen reno (which is taking way longer than I had hoped), and of course all the other day to day cycle of things.
Hopefully, hopefully we have this Internet thing figured out and I will be writing to you again shortly :)
Have a good weekend!
P.S Did you watch the royal nuptials this morning? I didn't but I've got it recorded :)   

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