Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Operation DD Part 4

       If you've been following my blog the last couple of weeks, you may have been keeping tabs on my spring cleaning efforts dubbed "Operation DD" and I assure you that I haven't stopped or given up, I'm still plugging away! Last week I worked on Gabe's room and took some before pictures which I'll share with you below, but I was experiencing some camera troubles and the darn thing did not want to take any after pictures! So I will try and take some this week if my camera has finished it's conniption :) The other room I have started on and am thrilled about is the kitchen! I am finally painting it! I've been wanting to paint it since the day we moved in three and a half years ago! Oh and we got some new counter tops and knobs to make it all nice and spiffy for anyone who wants to buy it :)

Okay I'm just noticing how bad those pictures look of what a disaster his room was, but I guess that's what you're supposed to do right? Make it look super bad so the afters look super good?  Anyways, his room wasn't too bad actually, I just had to purge some toys and tidy up and vacuum (I might have moved a thing or two around too :) I'll try and post the "after" pictures tomorrow.
Have a good day!

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