Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Operation DD Part 3

Whew! What a job this is turning out to be! But it feels good to get things done and organized. The last week or so I've been working on our paperwork system and where to store our craft stuff. Here is a picture of my "storage albums" I think I mentioned awhile ago about doing the Library of Memories, well this is a part of it and I've actually been working on my system for quite a few months. Anyways, this is all of our printed pictures for the last ten years, yes I said ALL and I said ten years! Amazing isn't it? Well it is to me, although, I have been quite lax in printing pictures for the last few years  (there are maybe twenty pictures in each of 2008-2010, but hey no body's perfect right?) So, since January I've been organizing and printing off all our digital pictures, which has been a challenge to say the least! 

Top shelf has a couple storage binders, my category drawers and my cold storage box. Second shelf has all my storage binders from 2002 to 2008. Bottom shelf has some of my cardstock, my scrapbook magazines and a few other crafty books.

Ever since I stopped doing daycare in our home, I've been trying to figure out where to store our kids' craft stuff. Well this is a cupboard in our kitchen, right close to our dining table where they now do most of their crafts and colouring.

The top shelf has (L to R) box of our tea party cups (we like tea parties :) pencil crayons, crayons, and markers in labeled bins ( I LOVE my label maker!) and the bottom shelf has our work books and craft idea books, big bin has colouring books, to the right of that is bins with the girls beads, then next is paper. The very front has a container with foam stickers and a bin with other miscellaneous craft stuff like glue sticks, glitter, scissors, hole punch.
The only problem is that although this cupboard is great, this is only the basics and only about a third of all the craft supplies we have collected :) the rest are in boxes in the basement that I still need to go through and probably give half away to Cady's kindergarten class.

Then last but not least is all our grown up paperwork. In the fall, I found the Power of Moms website and it has been great, they have a system for organizing all your paperwork and it sounds fantastic enough that I gathered all the various boxes full of paperwork stuff and started organizing. I'm still in the process of organizing it all ( I used to be really organized with this kind of stuff and I'm not quite sure when I lost control of it, maybe sometime during the 3 moves in 2 1/2 yrs tee hee) so I shall post some pics when I have sorted it all out.

Well, that is all for now, I hope you all are well and maybe I've inspired you to start "spring cleaning" a little early this year. :)

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