Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Fun

Hi Everyone! Well it has been a long time again, and now it is fall. We have been busy with school starting, Nyla is in Grade 3, Cadence is in Kindergarten and I'm doing some upgrading of my maths before I do the nursing course, hopefully, next September. So, busy with that and both the girls are in gymnastics as well as Pat and I working and trying to get firewood, two birthdays and wedding to go to, it's a challenge just trying to keep up with laundry! Yesterday the girls had their family fun night with their school and of course we went and they all had a blast!

Nyla and Cadence icing the cupcakes we made for their family
fun night yesterday.

Cady waiting for the cake walk to begin
Both her and Nyla won a cake in the same
Nyla taking her Bingo very seriously :)

And these are the "mommy can we PLEASE go to the PRIZE ROOM!" faces.
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