Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a little note...

Hey all! Just droppin in to say hi, we had a busy weekend, soccer game, yard work, bonfire, more yard work, Mothers Day, more yard work, and more, you guessed it, yard work! It's so wonderful having a large yard and garden, but in spring it is kind of hellish all the work that needs to be done. Pat trimmed, mowed, raked about ten piles of dead cedar branches, rototilled and burned a bunch of dead branches etc. We are putting in more garden this year, so I walked behind while he tilled and picked out about a million rocks (well it felt like a million anyways:) The girls helped with the rocks too.
Nyla did well again at her soccer game, though she says she doesn't want to play next year, so we'll see if she continues and Cadence has cold so she was sniffling away. Gabe is such a goofball lately and has figured out how to make us all laugh so he is quite the little character. Well I need to get off to bed, but hopefully I'll post some more pics in the next few days. Take care all!

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