Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Living Room Refresh

I have been on a bit of a painting spree around here and one of my favorite projects has been lightening and brightening our living room. That chocolate brown was fine but it was quite dark especially as this room is North/North-East orientation and it made an already fairly tight space feel more tight.
 I have been in love with that cow painting since the moment I spotted it and she has become my colour inspiration. We also want our house to reflect who we are and some words we would use for that would be fun, comfortable, colorful, eclectic and sentimental.
So, here we go...



Booyaa!! Light and bright and still colorful and cheerful. The color I used is Simply White by Benjamin Moore and it is nice and bright but also has a warm creaminess to it so it doesn't feel stark . I'm not quite finished, so this isn't a complete makeover before and after, but I couldn't wait to show you all the progress so far.
The gallery wall, so far I love it and its mostly finished, but there are a couple blank spots I would like to fill. I used all sorts of different types of art medium (canvas, quilting, silk screening, poster prints) all different artists, some we know personally and some was given to us by family or friends and a couple of pieces are thrift store finds. The one unifying element through them all is color. I tried to work with pieces that had blues and greens and browns and stuck with black or white frames

As you can see in the picture below I painted the side table and I still need to paint the coffee table (probably the same color "French Enamel" in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint) Love love love that color and love love love milk paint!

So there we have it so far, like I mentioned I'm not completely finished. I am working on a window treatment as I took the original blinds down to clean them and they were absolutely disgusting and totally sun faded on one side so I'd like to soften things up a bit and do some curtains. I also want to paint the coffee table and possibly the t.v console and a few other tweaks.
Thanks for stopping by and I'm going to try and share the other sprucing up I did later this week.
Have a great Wednesday!

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