Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Garden Photo update

Hello Strangers!
    Actually, I guess I've been the stranger around here. August flew by and before I knew it it's September. I guess this year it doesn't really feel like September because my kids still haven't gone back to school as their teachers are all on strike. We've been doing a bit of homeschooling trying to keep up with their math with workbooks and lots and lots of reading so it's been busy busy around here. I don't know how full time homeschoolers find time to blog and do housework as well!

(this is a very common way of seeing Gabe while I read to him, maybe being upside down helps him think? ;)

And in other news, this girl turned 12 a few days ago! What?!?!?

      But, back to the garden stuff! I think we did pretty darn good this year for our first year of gardening a plot that didn't exist before, so we've (I've) done everything from scratch.

 This is looking in from the main gate, you might notice we finished the fence! You can check out my previous garden update HERE. The yellow line around the top is to discourage deer (apparently they don't like the color yellow?!) so far it seems to work...

Strawberries and one of the kiwi vines,

I'm in the midst of moving those raspberry canes, hopefully they will decide to like me next year and produce again.

Yellow crookneck summer squash (which is producing a ton!)

Tomatoes! I'm still slightly in shock at how well these tomato plants have done

See how pathetic they looked back in June?

Well done tomatoes, well done :)

Zucchini have done well too, I have a yellow and a green variety and have made several of our favorite cakes (chocolate zucchini cake!) from the fruits of these two plants.

Those light green leaves in the middle bottom of the picture above, are a miniature white cucumber plant (heirloom seeds) and we got a couple this year, they were sooo yummy! I wish I'd taken a picture cause they were so neat looking. The rind was a pale yellow and the flesh was pure white.

This is a melon plant (cantaloupe I believe) and it is just starting to really take off, I'll definitely need to start these a lot earlier next year as they are definitely a long season crop.

Kale! Beautiful kale :) going strong

And yes, those are strawberries....in September! I'm absolutely loving these ever bearing variety of strawberries, can't wait to see what they're going to do next year!

Now, I have to disclose something, these pictures were taken last week and then we were hit by an early frost which killed all the zucchini and summer squash and beans and nasturtium plants. I've since harvested nearly all the salvageable produce (lots of green tomatoes!) and have started fall cleanup of the garden. I'm hoping to have a post by the end of the week with our garden harvest numbers, I'd like to keep track of that every year and see our progress.

How are your gardening adventures going? Did you get hit with an early frost last week? What were you most surprised by this year in your garden? Please feel free to share in the comments :)

Have a wonderful week!

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