Thursday, July 10, 2014

May Travels Part 2

So last time I talked about and showed pictures of our visit with family and our time at the beach and this time I'm going to share our two farm visits. 
The first farm we went to was called Morning Star Farm 

So, we pull up and park in the parking lot and the first thing we see in a field adjacent are these beautiful bovines :) Our kids have never been up close to a cow before and they were amazed at how BIG they are!

Except when they are babies and they are cuteness personified...

Is it just me or is that one of the cutest faces you've ever seen?!

See? So cute!

These guys were in the same barn and they were pretty cute too.

Cadence (my little animal whisperer) made fast friends with "Carl" the llama :)

The other two got brave when they saw their sister and went over to say hi too :)

Carl the llama was protecting a field that house a bunch of baby goats and sheep so we saw some of them too.We were there at the end of the day and one of the owners of the farm asked if we could help her out with a little chore. Since that little chore was feeding this sweet thing.....

of course we said yes :)

Morningstar Farm is also home of Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and the Mooberry Winery (you can read more about it on their website HERE) We enjoyed seeing the process of seeing the cows getting milked and enjoyed sampling some of the final yummy product at the farmgate store (I might have gone home with a bagful of cheese including some delicious brie, my favorite!) You can have a tasting of some of the wines they produce as well, but we were short on time and unfortunately I didn't get to sample the goods.

A few days later my cousin and I had planned to check out Tiger Lily Farm but unfortunately her boys got sick so she stayed home with them, but her sweet daughter was feeling fine so she came with us. 

A herd of kids ;)

Nyla had a hard time leaving the pen, all the kids wanted to come too!

My cousin's sweet daughter loved  all the little chicks

At Tiger Lily farm we were able to go right in the pens with most of the animals and hang out :)

One thing the kids also got to do was go for pony rides (which I didn't get pictures of cause I had to stay right next to the kids as they were riding) They all had a smashing good time and so did I :)

And so, this wraps up our trip, we all had a great time, the beaches were wonderful, got to spend quality time with family we hardly ever see, and visited some lovely farms with sweet animals and kind, friendly staff.

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