Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We made it!

We lost our laptop along the way, but we made it ;) ( well we didn't "lose" it but it died for good they day before our move). So, bear with me as I share some pictures of our new place that I took with my iPhone a day or two after the move, and when we get a replacement computer I'll share more.
Behold, our mountain of boxes! That back wall was stacked with a lot of our boxes so we could at least use half the living room for actual living as you will see in the following photos :)

The kitchen...
The master bath (well the tub anyway)
And the master bedroom

Sorry the pictures are so dark, a lot of the rooms are painted a nice dark chocolatey brown and the bathroom is darkish green with dark brown accents and those colors just don't photograph well with my phone ;)
   We have been busy busy bees at our new place, not just unpacking but also working on setting up some outdoor storage areas and some interior painting which I am dying to share with you! *hint* I've been having some fun with bright colors in some rooms not shown on this post! ;)
Also, thank you to anyone out there still checking on this Lil ol' blog of mine! 

Have a great week!

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