Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are you wondering what happened to our deck progress?

    Yesterday as I was reading back over the last couple months of posts (which didn't take long as there are so few of them :)  I realized that I inadvertently left everyone hanging about the progress of our deck redo. So, I apologise for that and I'll tell you that what happened was this.
    We sold our house in April with the closing set for June 30th and part of our agreement with the buyers was that we would fix up our deck before they moved in ( you can read a bit more about all that HERE and HERE ) basically the deck was deemed unsafe by their inspector and as the buyers had two kids of their own and she was planning a daycare in the home a bad deck would be no good (even though we were told by our inspector when we bought the house that the deck was just fine ) Anyways, so began the journey of the deck redo. Everything was going well, permit acquired, contractor chosen, demolition day happened ,and we were off to a good start. Except we didn't plan for the weather to be the wettest, rainiest spring that blasted records set 30 yrs ago! Seriously, it was bad. Our local soccer fields were flooded so much, there were people canoeing on them, streams and rivers flooded over their banks, it was pretty bad.  

     So, what happened with our deck? Well it got put on hold of course until the weather cleared up and everything dried out a bit. By that time, we had moved out (during a downpour!) and the closing of our house finalized and the new owners moved in. Luckily the new owners were very understanding and were OK with the work finishing during our transition. But, I still haven't gotten a chance to go back and ask them if I could take "after" pictures. We've driven by and had a look and it turned out very nice indeed, we just wish we could have had a chance to enjoy the new deck for a couple days! :)
      So, there is the story of our deck. The highs, the lows, the crazy weather, thankfully this summer the weather has cooperated and we've had lots of nice hot sunny days!

So, how about you? Crazy weather? Projects that didn't quite pan out the way you had hoped? Having a good summer?

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