Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Well today is pretty dreary around here, its cloudy and raining, which has prompted feelings of spring (and the realization that spring break is next week!). The little kids and I started the oh so fun task of spring cleaning, dusting and vacuuming all the ceiling, walls and floors etc. I have been trying to do this at least twice a year cause in a log house, so much dust collects on the top sides of the logs and you wouldn't believe the amount of cobwebs that build up! those little eight legged creatures love these walls! I swear I vaccuum corners for cobwebs at least once a week!!

One of my little helpers, Gabriel.
Anyways, the kids and I have definitely been feeling the effects of cabin fever as the snow hasn't been very good for sledding or anything really, but on friday we went out and did a little spring sledding (as you can see with the dirt patches!) oh well, hopefully all this rain will melt the snow faster and we can go to the parks soon. As you can probably tell I can't wait for it to be summer again, can't wait for days on the beach and camping and hiking etc.

Cadence on her tummy and Nyla carrying her saucer up the hill.
Bear with me as I keep learning how to do this blogging thing,

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