Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ordinary days....

      Just a quick little blurb today about some of the goings on around here. I cant believe it it the 11th already! We have been busy bees working on house projects and Christmas decorating, but last night I decided I wanted to make some creative mess.
     I had ordered and received a SNAP December documented scrapbooking kit some time ago with the intention of taking a picture every day in December and using the kit to keep up with our Christmas traditions. Well, as previously stated I cant believe its the 11th already and I hadn't even opened the package! Last night I decided to remedy that and got my craft on :) I have to say even though I hadn't opened the kit up I had been fairly purposeful in taking photos with this album in the back of my mind but not as much as I had hoped so from now on there will be so many pictures taken my family will think they are celebrities!

Our dog is a little nuts and I swear she thinks she is part human. The other day I came into the living room and found her sleeping like this,

What a goof!

Have you heard of this book?

It is fantastic so far and I'm only just over half done reading it! I think most parents of teens and tweens need to read this. You can also check out her blog HERE

Have a great week!

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