Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Gabe!

I can't believe our "baby" is 5! Time has flown by so fast and every year it seems to go faster and faster doesn't it? I had such a great time this morning going through a bunch of old photos for this post. I think that is my favorite part of doing birthday posts because it forces me to go back to older pictures and enjoy and remember. 

Dear Gabe,
 You are such a sweet little boy and always have been. We knew we were lucky to have such an easy baby for our third, especially with all the craziness that went on in your first year. You were born  less than one week after we moved to our new place (the old Kozy Kabin) on thanksgiving weekend. Then when you were about 6 months old, mommy decided to open an at-home daycare and you were so good with having new kids around all the time. 

I love those big brown eyes!

 The girls fell in love with you easily and you happily endured all sorts of girly nonsense, including playing barbies, wearing dresses and high heel dress up shoes (your favorite color for the longest time was pink!), and putting up with all the little mommies in your life :)

Until you were about three and then all the girly nonsense had to stop and you wouldn't put up with it anymore! You had discovered tonka trucks and thomas trains and getting firewood with your chainsaw!

Gabe you are such a sweet, intelligent, funny guy and although you have your stubborn moments ( and boy are you stubborn!) and your moments of driving your sisters crazy (which in turn drives me crazy!) I wouldn't change you for the world.

I love you buddy and I hope you have a wonderful fifth year.

Love mommy

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