Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catching up

Well, we have had a busy couple of weeks! WARNING this is a fairly long post with a lot of pictures! Two weekends ago the fire department where Pat volunteers had a pancake breakfast with Santa so the kids and I went to that. I didn't think Gabe would go near Santa but because his sisters were there too he put on a brave face and sat on Santa's lap for a picture.

The girls eating their pancakes and sausages.
Last weekend we went to some friends of ours birthday party for their little girl who turned one.

Then we went on a search for a Christmas tree. We hiked up to the power lines behind our house and found one there. Pat cut it down and Gabe "helped" him drag it back home while the girls and Stella did some sliding :)
And then we had to decorate it of course. I was pretty proud of myself cause usually I get all worked up and frusterated when it doesn't look "perfect" but I just held my tongue and enjoyed watching the kids do their thing and guess what? It looks wonderful!

Next on the agenda was finishing up gymnastics for the year. I am so proud of my girls, they are both improving so much and they really enjoy it as well. Gabe and I got to go down on the floor and watch and participate a little (usually we watch from a waiting room upstairs) and Gabe had a blast on the tumble track.


And TA DA!!

On the Thursday night before the last day of school, Nyla and Cady's school had a Gingerbread house making night for all the families. We all had a wonderful time making our little creation, inukshuk and all!

And last but not least, what last week of school before Christmas would be complete without a christmas concert? Gabe's preschool had a lovely concert where the three year olds sang 3 songs ( which is what Gabe did) and the four year olds did a little nativity play. They were all sooooo cute! Especially our little handsome man in his "weddin" suit. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas holidays! Merry Christmas!

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