Monday, December 29, 2014

Master Bedroom mini update

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas? We all had a lovely time, lots of family time and this is the first Christmas in a few years that no one's been really sick!
During my Christmas Home tour I showed a few pics of the mini makeover I did on our master bedroom, but I figured I should show a better before and after :-)
So this is where we were last time we checked in the master, I had done a bit of picture hanging and bed making...

and this is the other side of the room when we moved in, the brown wall on the left is what three of the walls are painted (it's actually a nice chocolatey brown) and the fourth wall is a reddish brown/burgundy wine color. 

 Shortly after we moved in we removed the mirror and peg shelf and were left with this look

Not so pretty, so for the last year or so we moved the bed around a few times, tried to cover it with bookshelves, pictures etc but what I really wanted to do was to paint that whole wall and make it more of a feature wall.

Now, due to money and time constraints I never got the paint, but what I did have on hand was a thick book of vintage music sheets (which I got from a thrift store awhile back for $1.50) a low heat glue gun and about two hours to get something done, and so, this was the result...

I was also excited to find those lamps cause our last ones were puny. I found the bases at the thrift store for $3 each (still debating whether I want to paint them) and then I was so excited to find the shades on clearance at Target for half price, $12 each! Other than the pompoms, everything else I had on hand.

My first attempt at finger knitting and pompom making!

The music pages give that wall so much texture and really lightened the room too.

One more time, before....

and after....

Cost breakdown on master bedroom makeover so far:
vintage music wall: $1.50 ( I had glue gun and glue on hand so they were free)
thrifted vintage lamps $6 for two bases + $24 for two new shades
yarn for pompoms $5
Total so far - $36.50

P.S Sorry for the crappy lighting, so hard to take good natural light pictures this time of year!
P.P.S I realize I never show you the whole room when I share these makeovers, that's usually because the other side of the room is still a disaster! One of these days soon I will clean my room ;-)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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